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The course is intended for physiotherapists to gain skill in screening and prescribing aerobic exercise post stroke; Course Developers are Marilyn MacKay-Lyons & Marianne Thornton; Course Content Experts are Dr. Michael Vallis, Dr. Sunita Mathur & Dr. Marilyn MacKay-Lyons. Click here to view the AEROBICS 2019 Update Best Practice Recommendations.

Executive function

This module includes clinical vignettes of patients and multiple-choice quizzes with interactive feedback to test your knowledge regarding the management of executive dysfunction post-stroke.

For each question you will get immediate feedback depending on the answer you provided.

Authors: Valérie Poulin, Nicol Korner-Bitensky, Annabel McDermott, Deirdre Dawson & Tatiana Ogourtsova

Unilateral Spatial Neglect elearning

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